Door Mouse

Avan Jogia's directorial debut Door Mouse follows Mouse, an aspiring comic book artist and crowd favourite at a kink club called Mama's. When a fellow dancer named Doe-Eyes goes missing, Mouse and her best friend Ugly chase clues deep into a grimy underworld to find the gutter monster responsible for this mysterious disappearance. Odessa Young (Assassination Nation, The Daughter) is attached as Mouse, and Justice Smith (Paper Towns, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) is attached as Ugly.


North of Normal

Based on her riveting memoir, North of Normal follows Cea Sunrise Person’s unconventional childhood in the Canadian wilderness, her complicated relationship with her perpetually pot-smoking teen mom, and her incredible path to a version of normalcy on the runways of Paris.



"One day in the ancient Kingdom of Highmore, there was a rustle in the bushes. Leaves parted and revealed… Rutabaga the Adventure Chef and his trusty companion Pot!" Eric Colossal's Rutabaga is a fun and quirky story that follows its protagonists never ending hunger for adventure... and food... mostly food.