Teen Lust -- Black Carpet Gala at Calgary International Film Festival

Once again congratulations to Teen Lust Once for being selected for the Black Carpet Gala Series at the 2014 Calgary International Film Festival!

"When Neil realizes that his parents are planning on offering him to their Satanic cult as a virgin sacrifice, he embarks on a race against time to lose his v-card.

Everyone knows that high school sucks. A perfect minefield of bullies, cliques, acne and homework can rattle even the most self-assured of teenagers, and Neil (Jesse Carere, Skins), is definitely nowhere near that description. Neil’s home life isn’t so great either. After all, his parents are too busy with pals John (Cary Elwes, The Princess Bride) and Mary (Kristin Bauer van Straten, True Blood) from their Satanic cult to pay him much mind. When he learns they intend to offer him as a virgin sacrifice, Neil and his best friend (Daryl Sabara, Spy Kids, Weeds) embark on a race against time to lose Neil’s v-card. Brought to you in part by Jason Stone (co-writer of This Is The End), Teen Lust’s mash of teenage woe and devil-worshipping will have you cackling in delight."

Show Time: September 25th, 7pm

At Global Cinema in Calgary

After party: State and Main, 601 8th Ave SW.  Subject to capacity.