Early reviews of the New Romantic at SXSW

"With The New Romantic, Stone doesn’t emphasize the scandal of the relationship. Rather, she weaves through Blake’s complex desires. A child of divorce, romance is an idea that seems alien to her. The key is that Stone doesn’t write sex as either a superficial transaction, nor as an act that will lead to incredible emotional attachment. Blake navigates the morally vague world of being a sugar baby with complete control over her body and needs, which is what makes The New Romantic utterly genuine." -Jenny Nulf, The Austin Chronicle.

"The New Romantic is the rare film presents these relationships without judgment offering up the good, bad, painful, and confusing as a matter of fact." - John Fink, The Film Stage.

"Writer/director Carly Stone (sharing a story by credit with Kyle Mann) delivers a truly accomplished debut feature. A deceptively complex take on a topic that could easily veer into something overly comical or tawdry. Instead it gains potency and insight through a strong female hand, guiding perspective and storytelling. It’s an authentic look at the modern state of courtship, the illusions and disillusionment that affect us all, and the process by which women can take control of their minds, their bodies, and their future." - Jon Partridge, Cinapse.