Teen Lust -- Black Carpet Gala at Calgary International Film Festival

Once again congratulations to Teen Lust Once for being selected for the Black Carpet Gala Series at the 2014 Calgary International Film Festival!

"When Neil realizes that his parents are planning on offering him to their Satanic cult as a virgin sacrifice, he embarks on a race against time to lose his v-card.

Everyone knows that high school sucks. A perfect minefield of bullies, cliques, acne and homework can rattle even the most self-assured of teenagers, and Neil (Jesse Carere, Skins), is definitely nowhere near that description. Neil’s home life isn’t so great either. After all, his parents are too busy with pals John (Cary Elwes, The Princess Bride) and Mary (Kristin Bauer van Straten, True Blood) from their Satanic cult to pay him much mind. When he learns they intend to offer him as a virgin sacrifice, Neil and his best friend (Daryl Sabara, Spy Kids, Weeds) embark on a race against time to lose Neil’s v-card. Brought to you in part by Jason Stone (co-writer of This Is The End), Teen Lust’s mash of teenage woe and devil-worshipping will have you cackling in delight."

Show Time: September 25th, 7pm

At Global Cinema in Calgary

After party: State and Main, 601 8th Ave SW.  Subject to capacity.

[Deadline Hollywood Exclusive] Drive Productions

Toronto is a good place to launch movies, and also to hatch companies aiming to become players in the indie space. Capote producer Kyle Mannand Revolution #9 producer and high net worth entrepreneur Michael Risley have done the latter. They’ve formed Drive Productions, a development, production, and financing company that comes to the festival after raising $2 million to buy scripts and books to develop into genre fare. The company is based in L.A. and Vancouver, and they are on the ground here looking to make things happen. “The quality of the script is paramount, however there has been a dangerous decline in development financing for projects with unforeseen potential,” Mann said. “Drive is looking to invest in innovative pitches, books, and scripts and is seeking to build relationships with distributors and talent agencies in order to help fill the development shortfall in the marketplace.”

The company has so far set up the college campus comedy The Arrangement, the darkly comic TV series Blackcomb, the thriller Beyond The Stars and a WWII thriller called Undaunted. Also in development are the psychological thrillers Backcountryand The Estate. Mann comes to the venture having produced films that includeWrecked and Kill For Me. He has Teen Lust premiering at the festival. Risley also has been a partner in Fuel Industries, a Digital Youth Agency that builds and maintains audiences for brands that include McDonald’s Europe, Nokia, and Mattel.

By Mike Fleming Jr

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Teen Lust's World Premiere at TIFF!

Independent Edge's teen comedy Teen Lust will welcome its world premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Directed by Blaine Thuier, Produced by Kyle Mann, Teen Lust is the official selection for the Contemporary World Cinema category.

Box Office now open for Teen Lust Premiere, to view show times and buy tickets, please visit


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Recent Press in the Times Colonist

Two new articles about The New Girl were recently published in the Times Colonist. Read them here and here or below.

Movie's guinea pig audience

You couldn't blame Kyle Mann if he looked a bit like an expectant father last Wednesday afternoon as he paced the halls of the University of Victoria's Student Union Building.

The Vancouver film producer and UVic grad returned to his alma mater for the birth of his new cinematic labour of love.

Mann was there to host the test screening of the rough cut of the psychological thriller he filmed in and around Victoria last year - a film that most observers in these parts still call The New Girl, even though that working title is changing.

A small crowd of film lovers showed up at Cinecenta to catch the first glimpse of the suspenser starring Katie Cassidy as a Pacific Northwest university student drawn into a web of murder and deceit spun by her new roommate (Tracy Spiridakos)

The film, which also stars Donal Logue and Victoria native Leah Gibson, was directed by Michael Greenspan.

What the test audience saw was a very lean, raw cut - without colour correction, visual and sound effects or the final score.

"I haven't even seen this version yet," said Mann, who was in the editing room two days earlier discussing changes with Greenspan, who also cowrote. "Michael worked until after midnight last night and this was rendered at 7 this morning."

Mann's "harshest critic" - his wife Lisa Shillington, whose family lives here - accompanied him but left before showtime.

"He's going to advise me when the best time is to come and watch the final product," she said, laughing.

"Lisa walks around the campus with me and talks me down from the ledge," Mann joked. "It's hard to put your heart out there, especially at such an early stage. You like to have the crutches - the music and everything else."

Karen Brelsford came to check out some of her handiwork - literally. She was a photo double for Cassidy's hands.

"I had no idea this was being shown until my parents phoned this morning," she said. "They read about it in the [Times Colonist] today."

Bill and Addie MacDonald, whose home on Craigdarroch Road doubled as Cassidy's place, were also on hand.

"It was a little surreal," admitted Bill, noting the couple stayed in a condo while the filmmakers took over their place.

"We really enjoyed the movie. And they were there for several weeks, so we had some sense of it."

Still, Addie admits she was shocked by at least one scene - when Cassidy comes downstairs holding something familiar.

"Hey, those are my coffee cups!" she said, laughing. "I'm so used to them, but it's strange seeing them up there on screen."

Published on January 8, 2012 Words: Michael D. Reid

Sneak peek at New Girl

It's a sneak preview with a difference. Call it The New Girl Unplugged. That's what Vancouver-based producer Kyle Mann will be unspooling at Cinecenta this afternoon - a snap test screening of a rough cut of the psychological thriller (working title: The New Girl) filmed here late last year.

Admission to the 4: 30 p.m. screening for filmgoers aged 18 and older is free on a first-come, first-served basis.

"It's totally unique," admits Mann, the first producer of a feature film shot here over the past 25 years or so to do what production executives more often do in Los Angeles.

"I want to get an early gauge as we work toward the director's cut."

Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos and Donal Logue star in the thriller about a popular college student in a Pacific Northwest town whose life takes a dark and potentially deadly turn when her friendship with an enigmatic new roommate intensifies.

Directed by Michael Greenspan from a screenplay he co-wrote with Christopher Dodd, the Independent Edge Films Inc. production was filmed in Chinatown, on Dallas Road, a Cowichan Valley farm, the University of Victoria and other locations.

Filmgoers will see a product in its "very early stages," Mann cautions. And as with preliminary reels shown in early studio screenings, the film's sound, special effects and score won't be finalized.

Don't expect opening and closing credits, either - or pre-show commercials or trailers.

Why bother doing a local test screening of a film slated to be distributed by a major studio late summer or fall?

"UVic obviously has a special place in my heart, so it seems the perfect place," said Mann, who studied there in the mid 1990s.

"We wanted to have an educated audience from the market we're geared to. It's good to show the movie early on with all the blemishes, in its rawest form."

Audience feedback is invaluable, said Mann, who will hand out questionnaires and be available briefly to chat with filmgoers.

"We try to find out what it is they don't like," he said. "Sometimes a movie isn't what they think it is. There might be an underlying problem or a performance issue. We're showing the film where it's very lean."

Modifications might include clarifying potentially confusing narrative issues or "adding some fat," he said.

Published on January 4, 2012 Words: Michael D. Reid

Three set for Independent Edge thriller

An article in Variety on the latest Independent Edge production. Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos and Donal Logue are toplining an untitled thriller from Independent Edge Films, with Michael Greenspan directing and Kyle Mann producing.

Pic, written by Christian Forte, Christopher Dodd and Greenspan, centers on two female college roommates whose lives take an unexpected dark and deadly detour. Filming has started in Victoria, British Columbia.

Mann and Greenspan teamed on "Wrecked."

Cassidy appeared in "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Monte Carlo" and Spiridakos was in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes."

Greenspan and Dodd are repped by Alex Lerner at Kaplan/Perrone and Original Artists. Forte is repped by Bryan Brucks, who's also exec producing.

Words: Dave McNary

Wrecked acquired by IFC Midnight

IFC Midnight (The Human Centipede and Lars Von Trier's Antichrist) has acquired the US distribution right to to Wrecked.

“Wrecked is the perfect film for IFC Midnight and its audience,” said IFC Films’ President of Entertainment Jonathan Sehring in a press release. “Adrien Brody gives an incredibly intense performance here and Michael Greenspan is a remarkable new talent.”

Read all about it in Variety